• CNC lathes and turning centres DMG MORI SPRINT 32-8, NLX 2500/700, NL2000, NL2000SY, DuraTurn 2050; Mazak Nexus 100II, SPM 16, SRU 40
  • machining centre with palletization MCV 1000 SPRING
  • conventional and turret lathes, drilling and milling machines, centreless grinders, automatic curve machines and a thread-rolling machine
  • 2000 kN dvoubodový servolis Komatsu H2W200-S
  • presses LE160 F and LEXN100 C
  • CNC bending machine by the Rebenda company
  • shear machine cutting sheet metal up to a width of 2m and a thickness of 4 mm
  • eccentric presses from 250 to 2500 kN
  • CO2 welding and spot welding to a small extend
  • Carl Zeiss CONTURA G2 3D CNC, Carl Zeiss ScanMax NC 3D
  • Mahr XCR20 (with GD25 unit) contour and roughness measurement system
  • Mitutoyo workshop roughness meter and other common instruments and gauges
  • MECMESIN AFG 250/500 N
  • AutoCAD, SolidWorks
  • qs-STAT
  • CALYPSO planner and simulation for remote generating and simulation of measuring runs 


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